Company Proof of Ownership for Europe

Companies that buy or sell goods across Europe and offer customers credit facilities or use large credit clearing houses are required to register in Europe for the use of those services.  One of the requirements of such registration is that you have to produce a notarially certified proof of ultimate beneficial ownership.  In complex corporations, a corporate family tree showing your ultimate shareholders helps. 

If you are owned by a US company, depending on the state in which that company is registered, you may find that the public register does not show the ultimate beneficial ownership.  Your notary can help you contact your ultimate parent company or US shareholders in order to provide ID to satisfy the anti-money laundering obligations in Europe. 

Some companies have had difficulty with this.  The US company ownership regime can be a great deal more discrete that in the UK and, as a result, some US shareholders are reluctant to disclose their interest in the company.  This can be a disastrous block to companies being able to achieve credit status in Europe.  A recent breakthrough with notarial documents has provided a welcome solution to this problem.  In a number of cases, a notarial certificate issued by an English notary which verifies a declaration by the US attorney to the parent company confirming the beneficial ownership, has been accepted by the credit companies as proof of ultimate beneficial ownership. If you need this notary service, please contact your notary immediately as it can take some time.

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