Getting married in the Dominican Republic?

Congratulations!  In order for your day to go smoothly your wedding planner will have given you instructions for some paperwork that must be completed and Apostilled within 3 months prior to your wedding day.  It can be confusing, but your notary can help.

You will each need to complete a single status declaration confirming you are free to marry.  Your wedding planner may provide you with a template but, if not, your notary may have experience of drafting such a document and can provide it for you.  This must be sworn in front of the notary.  The declarations, together with your birth certificates and any previous decree absolute or deed poll, must be Apostilled at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, who will seal the document. Your notary can arrange this and return the documents to you. 

The documents then need translating and certifying by the Dominican Republic Embassy in London.  You can use a commercial translator or the Embassy can carry out both translation and certification services directly:  Clients have found that the documents can be dropped off and collected in person at the Embassy.  They do accept documents by post, although please bear in mind the time factor if it is getting close to your dates of travel.  I understand that collecting the documents needs to be done by you in person.

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